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A Sagração da Primavera

Band or Artist:
Various Artists


Country of Origin:

Country Launched This Edition:


Hélio Leite de Barros e Maria Lúcia de Carvalho Monteiro

Services Auxiliary Auditoriums:
Elza Maria dos S. Castro

Preparation of Text:
Levon Yacubian

Art Director:
Eduardo Barreto Filho

Head of Art:
Jonas Placa

Art Assistant:
Akiko Gushiken e Marcia Helena Ribeiro

Three Musicians, by Pablo Picasso, Philhadelphia Museum of Art

Back Cover:
Vocalization, by John Covert, Yale Gallery Art, New York

Booklet 1:
Fernand Léger: Nudes In Forest, Kröller-Müller Real Museum, Otterio, Netherlands

Booklet 2:
Igor Stravinsky With Parents and Brothers. (1894 Photo); Blanche: Igor Stravinsky Picture, Rouen Museum. (Lauros-Giraudon)

Booklet 3:
Pablo Picasso: Lev Bakst e Serge de Diaghilev. (Spadem, Paris); Mikhail Larionov: Glass, Guggenheim Museum, New York; Serov: Workers, Awake!

Booklet 4:
Pablo Picasso: Igor Stravinsky, 1920 Picture. Ansermet Collection, Genoa. (Spasdem, Paris); Pablo Picasso: Three Dancers, Author Collection

Booklet 5:
Georges Braque: The Duet, National Museum of Art Modern, Paris

Booklet 6:
Igor Stravisnky; Joseph Stella: The Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Booklet 7:
Henri Matisse: Pastoral, National Museum of Art Modern, Paris

Cover and Back Cover:

Booklet 1:

Booklet 2:

Booklet 3 (unfocused):

Booklet 4 (unfocused):

Booklet 5:

Booklet 6:

Booklet 7 (unfocused):

Seal A:

Seal B:

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