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Concerto para Piano e Orquestra, Opus 54. Carnaval, Opus 9

Band or Artist:
Various Artists


Country of Origin:

Country Launched This Edition:


Cover Picture:
“Summer” by Caspar David Friedrich, Neue Staatsgalerie, Munick

Back Cover Picture:
“The Carnival” by Eugène Lami in 1834, Carnavalet Museum, Paris

Booklet 1 Pictures:
XIX Century Picture, Schumann’s House, Zwickau

Booklet 2 Pictures:
“Schumann’s Teenage Picture”, Schumann’s House, Zwickau; View Zwickau, XIX Century Picture, Schumann’s House, Zwickau; Anonymous, Johanna Christiane Schumann, Schumann’s House, Zwickau; Anonymous, Friedrich August Schumann, Schumann’s House, Zwickau

Booklet 3 Pictures:
Lyceum of Zwickau, Schumann’s House, Zwickau; J. Gottfried Kuntzsech, Screen of the XIX Century, Schumann’s House, Zwickau; C. Agricultural, View Karlsbad, Belvedere Gallery, Viena

Booklet 4 Pictures:
Anonymous, Friedrich Wieck, Schumann’s House, Zwickau; View Leipzig, Pattern of the XIX Century, University Library Leipzig, Leipzig; Mortiz Von Schwind “The Magic Horn”, Schack Gallery, Munick; Clara Schumann, Schumann’s House, Zwickau

Booklet 5 Pictures:
View Frankfurt, Pattern of the XIX Century, Collection of Prints Bertarelli, Milan; Klima “Robert Schumann”, Gedenkstätte, Bonn (Archiv Für Kunst Und Geschichte, Berlim); Ernestine Von Fricken, Schumann’s House, Zwickau

Booklet 6 Pictures:
Mortiz Von Schwind “The Light And The Fog”, Schack Gallery, Munick; A. Menzel “Clara Schumann Accompanying Joseph Joachim”, Schumann’s House, Zwickau; Maria Fellinger “Brahms At 21”, Pattern of the XIX Century; A. Menzel “Stroll In The Garden” Kunsthalie, Bremen

Booklet 7 Pictures:
Eduard Bendermann “Marie Schumann’s Picture”, Daughter Of The Composer, Schumann’s House, Zwickau; View Düsseidorf, Pattern of the XIX Century, Schumann’s House, Zwickau

Cover and Back Cover:

Booklet 1:

Booklet 2 (unfocused):

Booklet 3 (unfocused):

Booklet 4:

Booklet 5 (unfocused):

Booklet 6 (unfocused):

Booklet 7 (unfocused):

Seal A:

Seal B:

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